Soup Cook-Off

  Thank you for your interest in the True North Community Church Soup & Chili Cook Off! Below are some basic ground rules and instructions that you will need to follow. We are looking forward to making this event a great success, and appreciate your participation and support. Please feel free to contact us by email at: or call Kate at 631-476-3811.  

Date: Sunday December 11th, 2011

Event Time: 10:30 am – 2:00 pm

Cook Arrival time: Plan to arrive between 9:30 am – 10:00 am.

Where: True North Community Church is located at 1101 Lakeland Ave, Bohemia NY – the church is on the corner of Lakeland & Church St. Aprox ½ mile north of Sunrise and 1 mile south of Vets Hwy. 




Below you can find rules and answers to frequently asked questions


Cook-Off Rules

  1. We cannot have open flames or burners at the event. All soups should be cooked ahead of time and brought to the event in an electric crock-pot. We estimate that we will have approximately 300 + guests at the event. We are marketing the event, so you may want to bring extra soup in a container in case you run short. Participants should bring 5- 6 quarts of soup. Also consider bringing your soup already warmed.
  2. We are expecting approximately 40+ cooks, so the amount of soup you will be giving out will be a very small tasting dish full…holding about 2 or 3 tablespoons. We are supplying the cups and spoons for the tasters. Bring your own personal serving ladle or spoon.
  3. We will need extra extension cords and extension strips. If you have any extra available please bring those along. If you have any extra please note that on your form and bring those along. We will mark them and return to your booth at the end.
  4. You are welcome to present your business cards or company brochures at your station.
  5. We will be providing each cook with a sign that will list your soup, and we can list your business or company on that sign as well. All information will be taken from the sign up sheet you filled out, so please make sure you are happy with your submitted info! Also make sure you listed yourself as professional or non-professional, as we will have two separate categories this year. Pro entries are allowed (2) soups, non-pro (2) soup, Chili (1).   
  6. The event officially begins at 10:30am on Sunday December 11th. We will be having a cooks meeting at 10:15am. You can begin set up at 9am, and please arrive to set up no later than 10am! That only leaves a short time to warm the soup, so you should bring your soup already warmed.
  7. We will have several long tables …and will be seating 3-4 cooks per table. The event lasts until 2pm, and we will present the awards at 2:30 pm.
  8. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at the event or on the premise.
  9. Lastly…the success of this event will depend upon the participation of the cooks. Because of this…we need a very firm headcount and commitment from each participant. If anything occurs that will keep you from participating that day, please contact us by email at: or call Kate at 631-476-3811 as soon as possible



Frequently Asked Questions

How much soup should I bring?

  Enough to give very small sample to approx. 300 people. Cooks generally bring at least 5-6 quarts and must use their own crock pot and serving utensils. Some have a reserve of extra soup in a cooler in the event that theirs is a very popular soup.  


What about presentation or garnish?

We would like to encourage all contestants to consider “decorating” your station and bringing any additional garnishing that may add to the presentation of your entry – especially if you are serving Chili – i.e. Cheese, sour cream, chips etc…


What will True North Church Provide?

  • Name Card with cooks name and soup; also include business if in the professional category
  • Bread bites in baskets/bowl
  • Sample cups, spoons, napkins (we use very small sample spoons; if you would like your guests to have larger ones, you must provide those)
  • Note: it is helpful if cooks bring their own power strips. We have several, but not enough for each cook