Women's Gathering

When: Friday, October 19th (6 - 9 pm) and Saturday, October 20th (9 am - 6 pm)

Where: True North Community Church

Price: $115 (due at registration)

Registration: Registration is now closed.

Made for More is this year's theme for True North Women’s Gathering. It's an event where you can connect with other women while learning about our Heavenly Father and the inheritance He is waiting to give you as His daughter - His masterpiece. Join us as we explore how we can discover the amazing things God wants for our lives.

We hope that you can join us!


  • Why aren't we going away for a Retreat this year?
    We are doing an in-house Gathering this year, instead of a Retreat. As we started planning for 2018, we felt that God was leading us in a different direction. An in-house Gathering allows us to do more and reach more ladies than we could on a Retreat. It also makes it more accessible for people who wouldn't normally be able to get away for a weekend.

  • What does it cost to attend?
    The price of attending is $115. We budgeted for all the costs to run an event like this over a day and a half, and did the best we could to offer this at a reasonable rate. If you would like to attend, but it's cost-prohibitive, please let someone on staff know. We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to attend.

  • What if I can't attend the entire event? Is there a way for me to go to some of it?
    The event is programmed for women to attend it in its entirety. Each session is intentionally built off the other sessions. However, we understand that other commitments might prevent someone from attending the full event. If you are interested in attending but might not be able to make the full event, please send an email to Pastor Bert's assistant, Vicki Lopez, and she will follow up with you on options.

  • Who is speaking at the event?
    This year we have a new speaker who has a message specifically for you. In year's past, we've been honored to have Lucy Summers speak at our Women's Retreats. Since God is taking us in a new direction, we are excited to hear from the new speaker as well. Stay tuned for more on who is speaking!  

  • Is food included?
    Because this is an in-house Gathering, we will only be providing snacks. We are looking into options for lunch on Saturday, 10/20, but nothing has been secured, yet. (If you have ideas or people who can help us with this, let us know!)

  • Do you spend the night for a Gathering like this?
    No, this is similar to a conference or summit where you go to hear the message on Friday night an come back on Saturday. You're welcome to find a nearby hotel to have a little bit more "getaway" time, but the Church is not able to make accommodations for you.

  • How do I get involved and help with this?
    If you are interested in helping at this event in a volunteer capacity, please let Danielle (our Connections Director) or someone else on Staff know so we can get you plugged in. Also, if your spouse or friend would like to volunteer, we'd be happy to use the extra hands. 

  • I have some more questions, who do I contact?
    If you have more questions about this event, please send an email to Pastor Bert's assistant, Vicki Lopez, and she will follow up with you.